Why Kolkata Is Called The City Of Joy ?

The great French author Dominique Lapierre named the city of Kolkata – ‘The city of joy’ because of its multicultural value. Although this city is not as comparable to the various other developed city around the world like New York or Tokyo or London but it has the diversity of culture among the living style and its environment. Every section of people gets equal opportunity in Kolkata. Here in Kolkata every religion people like Hindu, Muslim, Christian everyone lives peacefully. You will see the people are going in temple and some other people are going in Masjid or churches as well. In the morning in different parts of the city like one part are wake up with various activity like in the maidan area you will see the people are playing or doing various activity and in the other parts in Dharmatala or Sealdah people are busy to starts their works. For this perspective we must put some important things to people like

Cultural Value of Kolkata

If you visit around the city then you will realize value its cultural value. In the north of the city, you will see that the congested area including old building which carries the old tradition of Kolkata as of which this city is known as “The city of palace of India”. In the south side of the city, you will see the modernize culture as well.

In some part of the city, you will see that the people are busy with their artistic culture or literature or music or drama or painting. On the Rabindrasadan or Nandan area you will see the people showing musical knowledge or showing plays in different stories, in college street area you will see the one of the largest books markets in India. In the Kumortuli area of the city you will see throughout the area people are making idol of God, potteries as well which is famous in the country.

Equally Available Things For The People in Kolkata

In this city of Kolkata, you will see the availability of every necessary thing among the people like a poor person can feed their family in very cheap price everywhere or rich can also go in various five star or seven-star hotels which is also available in the city. As a results of that you will see the highest building in some parts of the city and also slum area in some other parts of it.

Different Festivals in Kolkata

Each section and all religion of the people in Kolkata celebrate their festivals peacefully. The Bengali people in Kolkata celebrated their main Durga puja festival in all parts of the city, all section of people takes parts in this festive season. The Muslim people of Kolkata also celebrated their Eid as well as Bakri Eid very peacefully here. You will see various old Masjid in Kolkata like Tipu Sultan Masjid in Dharmatala are. The Christian people also celebrated their festival on their specialize day as results of that you will see the large number of people came out in the day Christmas in Park Street area of Kolkata.

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