(Best 11+) 2022 Durga Puja Theme in Kolkata

All the people of Bengal eagerly waited for this few days of Durga puja as this is our main festival. This festive season started in the month of october or in bengali calendar Ashin month. This festival goes on five days started with the Mahasasthi and ended with the Bijayadashami. This year it started from 1st october(sasthi) to 5th october(Dashami).  We will like to spend more times with our family and friend in this four days. Various places in west bengal Durga puja celebrated by the theme work according to their economic capacity. Here we present a list of those puja pandal which will be celebrated by local club in kolkata region.

Durga Puja Theme 2022 in Kolkata 

  • Sreebhumi Sporting club which become the most attractive destination for the people of Kolkata day by day is coming with their theme of vatican city. This year also this place will be more interesting to visit. If we want to Sreebhumi club then can get auto from the Bidhannagar station.
  • Tridhara club which is a prominent club in Kolkata is came up with their them about ‘Gouranga’, . This will be interesting to see how they represent this view to the people.
  • Another interesting to see the theme of Behala club which is located in south Kolkata has came up with their idea about  ‘lakhya’’
  • Lake town Adhibasibrinda which is a renown club known for Durga puja celebration will shown us the theme about Indian mythology , it will be a attractive destination for the people how they feel that stage.
  • ‘Antasakhti’ theme we will see in Chorabagan Sarbojonin  which is located near to the metro station of MG road.
  • Dum Dum Tarun Sangha has come up with their theme ‘Man Bandhan’ which will be interesting to see how they represent to the people.
  • Tala Park  is came up with theme ‘Human resource, this will catching to us that the needed of people in different stages in work field. This club is located near to the station of Kolkata.
  • Deshapriya park which a prominent Durga puja committee in Kolkata will come up with the idea of  ‘Any cultural heritage of west Bengal’. If you want to visit this place then you must be ready for the large crowd because of its popularity. This pandal is situated near the Rash Bihari avenue.
  • Santos Mitra square which is located in the Bow Bazar area in the  Kolkata has come up with their Durga puja theme about  ‘Amrit Mahatsab of 75 years of independence of India’.
  • Bhwanipur 75 pally an prominent club puja committee has come up with their theme idea about cultural heritage of India which is neglected by us through out the years.
  • Khiddirpur 25 pally will focus on the theme on the daily life cycle of the people. This theme will be an eye-opening some of them who always made a barrier to between people.
  • ‘ Thandab’ is the theme of the club of Hazra park, which is located in the area near Jatin Das metro.
  • The smart plan is came up within the theme in the Newtown Sarbojanin Durga puja committee in this year. This will be one of the Kolkata’s biggest pandal according to some of the news.
  • ‘Kaktarua’ is the theme of the Ultadanga Gouriberi club which is located nearest to the area of Raja bazar.

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