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Top 5 Fashion Designers in Kolkata – Fashion and Style in Kolkata

Kolkata is a city of affable complexities and has an old-world appeal to it, which must be experienced by visiting the city. All things considered, accommodating populace of this city appropriately considered the city of satisfaction additionally takes a great deal of joy in setting the benchmark for mold.

Strolling down the roads of Kolkata, one goes over individuals with changed dressing styles going from the customary dhotis (article of clothing for men) and sarees (piece of clothing for ladies) to contemporary outfits affected by the western world.

In spite of quickly developing style slants, the natives of Kolkata have received the cutting edge method for dressing, yet have remained consistent with their conventional articles of clothing. The most conspicuous ladies’ dress in Kolkata is maybe the Korial Lal Paar saree, the quintessential white saree with a red outskirt. This saree is accepted to be exceptionally promising for the Bengalis and ladies in this city want to wear it amid celebrations like Durga Puja. The texture is emphasized with a major red bindi (a dab on the temple, characteristic of a wedded Hindu lady), and the sindoor (vermillion), giving the ladies the look of Goddess Durga – the Hindu warrior goddess. Both the bindi and sindoor, have an alternate hugeness by and large.

top 5 fashion designers in Kolkata

Anamika Khanna

Khanna is a designer with exquisite taste who never gets it wrong! A quiet lady is known for her intelligent curatorial eye, she reinvents and fuses traditional garments into chic modern imaginings that surprise and delight. In 2004, she launched her eponymous label Ana-Mika which was internationally funded, the first Indian designer to launch a global label.

Store location: 2/1 Outram Street, Kolkata 17

Why should we follow her: For luxurious, feminine attire

Contact: 033 22814425, 24752381

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Who doesn’t know Sabyasachi Mukherjee?! He straddles the fashion scene like a Colossus! He made geeky cool–oily braids and thick, Bengali-babu framed spectacles and khadi attire became nationally craved items, and bridal wear strayed from the usual reds and golds to bolder, stranger palettes with lush hand block prints, embroidery, and patchwork from remote regions of India. He is committed to reviving hand-woven textiles and sarees and his clothing has won him high praise and awards from all around the world.

Store location: P- 545 Lake Road, Kolkata- 700029
Why should we follow him: Only Indian designer to have showcased clothing at the New York, London and Milan fashion weeks.

Contact: (033) 40648239 / 9830005953

Kallol Datta

The enfant terrible of Kolkata fashion (and one of our favorites), Datta’s sensibility is a mix of European colors in Middle Eastern and sub-continental flowing drapes–bleak, minimal, postmodern. He claims to loathe ‘bling and shine’, and loves concepts like blood, decay, life, and death, crafting pieces in greys and blacks that offer a diversion from the usual Kolkata cacophony of influences. His fashion label is Kallol Datta 1955 (the year is in honor of his mother), and guess what, he makes great art too!

Store location: From his Studio 1955.

Why should we follow him: For dark, stark clothing that tells strange tales

Ritu Kumar

Even though Kumar was born and raised in north India, her baby steps in fashion were taken in Kolkata, and so, Kolkata claims this Padma Shri winner as one of theirs! Kumar can easily be given the nomenclature of the Grand Dame of Indian Fashion. She modernized Indian ethnic wear, breathing new life into age-old traditions. Her designs are hard to miss and most fashionable, privileged people probably own at least one of her sarees or contemporary outfits.

Store location: Forum, Shop No. 107; 10/3 Elgin Road, Kolkata 20

Why should we follow her: Her intuitive understanding of tradition and modernity is unparalleled?

Contact: 22837447

Dev R Nil

Another favorite, Dev R Nil (the ‘R’ stands for the Bengali ‘and’) are two whimsical lads from Kolkata who believe in simplicity. Their contemporary fashion reflects classic yet cosmopolitan Kolkata in vibrant blues, whites, and greys, with dense geometry and motifs from nature on subtle textures. They are adored by the local fashionable set and celebrities alike and have become a brand coveted by the youth.

Store location: 144 Remount Road, Alipore, Kolkata 700027

Why should we follow them: Youthful, hip, identifiable, accessible?

Contact: +91 88206 77077

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