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Mosque of Tipu Sultan; Example of Fine Indian Architecture

Mosque-of-Tipu-Sultan;-Example-of-Fine-Indian-ArchitectureToday I will not take you so far from your house. Today we will roam in our own city and will explore some unseen beauty of it. You can’t imagine what masterpieces of architecture lays in curves of this city.

Then let’s go to find out some of those mysteries.

The Tipu Sultan Shahi Mosque is a famous mosque in Kolkata; located at 185 Dhartamtalla Street, the mosque is a remnant of architectural and cultural heritage of our country. People from all sections of the society and religions are allowed to visit the mosque and take pictures of this historical foundation.

We all know the famous King Tipu Sultan and his glories. The mosque was built by Prince Ghulam Mohammed, the youngest son of Sultan in the year 1832. The mosque has been headed by the Shahi Imam, since its construction. Presently Syed Mohammed Noor-ur Rahman Barkati is the Imam of the mosque.

As it is situated in the heart of the city, Dhartamtalla Street, it attracts the visitors more. Among the number of the visitors one can find both Hindus and Muslims as it becomes one of the true assets of all the people of Kolkata.

It is a fine example of Indian architectural excellence built in Mughal Islamic style. It can have 1,000 pilgrims in it.

So this Sunday, instead of going to your 50 times visited shopping malls, just go and have the experience of visiting one of the architectural brilliance of Kolkata with your family.

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